Sunday August 06, 2017
SHEFFIELD were forced to settle for third place in Sunday's Championship Fours tournament at Peterborough.

The Window Centre Tigers progressed from their Semi-Final after a determined performance saw them come out on top after an intriguing battle with the hosts and Workington.

But they would fall short in the Grand Final.

Unable to secure a race winner until heat seven, the Tigers gave themselves too much to do and Peterborough were crowned Champions in front of their home fans.

Sheffield Promoter Marc Bates said: "We lost Lasse (Bjerre) in the build-up to the meeting and that was a bit of a blow to be honest.

"He rode for Leicester on Saturday and scored a maximum but he was feeling it after.

"But Todd (Kurtz) came in with the rest of the boys and they did okay.

"Of course we were disappointed to only finish third in the end but realistically it could have been a lot worse.

"This one wasn't meant to be and there's still other Major Events for us to go for later in the season.

"But the league is our priority really and we've got another big home meeting against Workington on Thursday to look forward to now."

The Tigers host the Comets at Owlerton this Thursday (August 10) with a start time of 7.30.

SHEFFIELD 16: Josh Grajczonek 5, Kyle Howarth 4, Todd Kurtz 4, Josh Bates 3.
PETERBOROUGH 14: Chris Harris 6, Ulrich Ostergaard 5, Paul Starke 2, Simon Lambert 1.
WORKINGTON 11: Thomas Jorgensen 5, Mason Campton 4, Ty Proctor 1, Craig Cook 1.
SCUNTHORPE 10: Jake Allen 5, Lewis Kerr 3, Josh Auty 2, Michael Palm Toft 0, Ryan Douglas (res) 0.
EDINBURGH 9: Erik Riss 5, Ricky Wells 2, Theo Pijper 1, Josh Pickering (res) 1, Max Clegg 0.

IPSWICH 18: Rory Schlein 6, Justin Sedgmen 5, Cameron Heeps 4, Danny King 3.
REDCAR 13: Charles Wright 5, Ben Barker 3, Jonas B Andersen 3, Jason Garrity 1, Ellis Perks (res) 1.
NEWCASTLE 12: Steve Worrall 6, Stuart Robson 3, Ludvig Lindgren 3, Ashley Morris 0.
GLASGOW 9: Richard Lawson 3, Aaron Summers 3, Nike Lunna 3, Dan Bewley 0.
BERWICK 8: Kevin Doolan 5, David Howe 2, Jye Etheridge 1, Dany Gappmaier 0, Luke Ruddick (res) 0.

PETERBOROUGH 28: Chris Harris 9, Ulrich Ostergaard 9, Simon Lambert 5, Paul Starke 5.
REDCAR 18: Charles Wright 7, Jason Garrity 6, Ben Barker 3, Jonas B Andersen 2.
SHEFFIELD 16: Kyle Howarth 6, Josh Grajczonek 5, Todd Kurtz 3, Josh Bates 2.
IPSWICH 10: Danny King 6, Rory Schlein 2, Cameron Heeps 1, Justin Sedgmen 1.

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