Friday May 16, 2014
The Sheffield Tiger Cubs snatched victory from the jaws of defeat when they beat the Coventry Mercia Vikings 12-11 in a shortened MDL match at Owlerton on Thursday, but it was at the expense of losing No.1 Sean Phillips in the first race.

Sean went out wide looking for grip on turn 1 of the second lap but his front wheel washed away and he fell awkwardly, damaging his shoulder. The re-run resulted in a 4-2 to the visitors with Alex Wilson showing great speed and control in second place. Heat 2 saw the Cubs level the scores with an impressive win from Ben Holloway. Heat 3 and again Ben romped away to a second successive win, and with Alex taking third the Cubs went into the fourth and final heat two points up. However with Sean out Dan Miles was left to face the two Vikings on his own, and when the Coventry boys jumped out of the gate in front it looked as though they were assured a 5-1 to take the away win. But for once luck was on our side and the unfortunate Tom Sipos blew his engine on the second lap. Dan was able to complete his four laps to take second place as the only other finisher behind Ryan Terry-Daley and the resultant 3-2 was enough for the Cubs to secure the match by the narrowest of margins.

For the Cubs Ben continued his great early season form with two excellent wins, Alex battled hard for his 3 points and Dan was rewarded with 3 points for completing his two races. Ryan Terry-Daley was again immaculate for the Vikings and showed the form that is propelling him up the National League averages.

The 250 cc race was reduced to just two riders, Ben and Luke Woodhull, when Jack Parkinson-Blackburn suffered engine problems and Tom Miles had permit problems.

What should have been a great second-half event was marred because the start was delayed meaning only 4 MDL races and 1 250cc race could be completed before the curfew was reached.

Sean Phillips - FD,NS = 0
Alex Wilson - 2,1 = 3
Ben Holloway - 3,3 = 6
Dan Miles - 1,2 = 3

Ryan Terry-Daley - 3,3 = 6
Tom Sipos - 1,R = 1
Adam Sheppard - R,2 = 2
John Markham - 2,0 = 2

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