Thursday March 22, 2012
SHEFFIELD co-manager Nigel Hinchliffe has tipped Joe Haines to be his side's trump card after his impressive performance in the 'War of the Roses' clash.

Haines tallied seven points and was nominated for heat 15. Hinchliffe said: "Joe rode his heart out and deserved the extra ride in heat 15. He's going to be a real trump card at reserve for us, but I'm not sure he'll be there for too long. I can see him climbing up the side as the season progresses."

"The team rode extremely well tonight and I am proud of how we battled, but Belle Vue just showed their class at the end of the meeting."

The Tigers eventually went down 37-53, but there were plenty of positives for the Owlerton side. Hugh Skidmore impressed along with Haines, while it was a steady start for the rest of the team on a tough night.

Sheffield 37: (Skidmore 10:1 , Haines 7, Wells 5:1, Franc 5, Sanchez 4:1, Hall 4, Jakobsen 2:2)

Belle Vue 53: (Shields 13, Schlein 12:2, Gjedde 8, Hougaard 7:1, Grajczonek 6, Lambert (G) 4, Eklof 2:1)

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