Speedway Race Schedule 2020 Postponed

Speedway Race Schedule 2020 Postponed – The schedule for organizing the Speedway Race 2020 is still unclear due to the covid-19 virus pandemic. However, the Committee is preparing a plan to hold a race without spectators. Reported by the Agent about Sportsbook, the Committee began to design plans to hold a race with the minimum number of team crews. The committee has sent an e-mail to each team to ask for a list of at least the crew who will be in paddock at the beginning of this week.

Speedway Race Schedule 2020 Postponed

The committee requested a minimum data crew to obtain government approval where the Speedway Race took place. The committee requires proper adoption and from where the crew travels. “We are preparing a protocol together with relevant authorities, for example the Sports Council in Spain and the Italian Olympic Committee,” said Carmelo Alponzo, CEO of the Committee. We are also preparing a corona virus test kit. Ten thousand test kits were prepared and all will be inspected specifically before and after the race every day. With this scenario, there will be a race without spectators with as few personnel as possible. ”

Previous estimates indicate a total of around 1,000 core staff will be involved to hold closed races. Alponzo revealed from each team’s e-mail replies, the manufacturing team needed at least 40 crew and the satellite team needed 25 crew. Later invited guests, sponsor representatives, and the media are also prohibited from entering the circuit. The television crew on duty for live broadcasts is also limited to one person. The rest of the television crew will work from the studio.

The race is held in late July

Regarding the cancellation of the Slovak Speedway Race at the Nürburgring Circuit to open the 2020 Speedway Race, Alponzo will propose a new schedule to the Slovak Government. Slovakia’s Speedway Race on June 21 was canceled because the government extended a ban on gathering large numbers of people until August 31.

The Slovak Speedway Race was the opening act because the initial five Speedway Race series this season was canceled and also had delays. The five series are: Speedway Race Qatar, Spain, France, Italy, and Catalunya.

“On 27 April we will talk with the Slovak and Dutch Governments [Circuit Assen] to see the race scenario at the end of June. The most optimistic scenario is that the race starts in Slovakia, which I personally see is difficult but we have to wait,” he said.