Sheffield Tigers Speedway Team Member Who Gets Many Points

Sheffield Tigers Speedway Team Member Who Gets Many Points

Sheffield Tigers is one of the most well-known racing team names from the 1900s. Not a new team, this team has become a legendary team that is still active until the last SGB Championship in 2017.

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Sheffield Tigers Speedway Team Member Who Gets Many Points

The race is not the only one for the Sheffield Tigers team. Nearly dozens of major racing events have been joined by Sheffield team members.

As you know because this team came from England, the first track that became the start for the Sheffield team was the Owlerton track. This track became a special track at that time and that made the team’s name more and more popular in the racing world.

From the very beginning this team was formed, many members have participated in building this team increasingly known to the public. No wonder this team managed to collect thousands of points during the active team.

The following members who have contributed quite a lot of points from the matches participated:


Airey is one of the Sheffield riders who started joining in 1969. He has participated in almost 112 matches and collected 1272 points on the track.


Allott used to be called Tommy has been in the racing world since 1946. And his career was only until 1953. Even though it was considered brief, he had gained 1083 points from 135 matches.


Asseworth, known by his real name Ricky, has been joining in Sheffield since 2002. Still fairly new, the points that Asseworth has earned have exceeded the previous racing legendaries with a total of 3641 points from 447 matches.


Auty or Josh is one of the young drivers who has become a famous racer in Sheffield. At the age of 15 years, he has taken part in the British Champion race in 2005. He has managed to collect 934 points from 114 matches.